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Support for Syntax Highlighting in Vim

Apr 15 · 3 min read
ollykel Jun 13 23:33
Hi there!

I created a couple files + installation instructions for Vim, take a look [here](

It's mostly based on go.vim for Golang, with a few modifications.

As someone noted before, the file extensions *.v and *.vh are also used by Verilog. The installation instructions I provided should override Verilog syntax highlighting, but if it doesn't just enter the command ":setf vlang" after you open your editor.

Ivo-Balbaert Jun 15 12:41
Thanks! Ivo
medvednikov Jun 15 13:20

I'll add a link to your plugin to the home page.
medvednikov Jun 16 20:01
Done, a link to your plugin is on the home page now.
ernierasta Jul 9 09:16
Hi ollykel, thank You! Do you plan to add support for other features like v building, ... I am asking because a have something and I would like to make PR, but You are not watching github repo ... but I would like to contribute rather then compete. ;-)
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