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"Run" on playground isn't working

Apr 15 · 3 min read
SleepyRoy Jun 10 11:20
It seems that it is "shaded" by the blog button next to it. So when I clicked on run, the blog page came out.
BTW, I love this exquisite language. Can't wait to write it on my computer : )
medvednikov Jun 10 14:08
Yeah, this is a very recent change: I added links to different communities.

I've implemented a shortcut to run the program (Ctrl + Enter).

I'll fix the layout a bit later, I'm not good with CSS :)
medvednikov Jun 10 14:08
The Run button is blocked only on laptops.
ntrel Jun 11 13:43
It's also blocked for me on a full PC running Opera browser on Windows.
medvednikov Jun 11 15:00
I've just removed social links from the playground if the display is too small to fit them.

That fixes it :)
SleepyRoy Jun 11 23:14
Great. Playground is OK on my laptop now.
And I found another small bug (don't know whether it exclusively appears on my laptop) - When I'm already on the forum page and click the forum button on the top, the blog page opens.
medvednikov Jun 11 23:54
Fixed, thanks.
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