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Open source release in June 2019. Early access since April 15.
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wget && gcc -o v v.c

Embedding V in existing applications?

Apr 15 · 3 min read
akovachev Jun 10 08:22

I commend your efforts! I expect V lang to go far!

I'm searching for a simple yet efficient language that would allow embedding in existing apps as well as ability to do runtime compilation.
Another requirement I have is for compilation/execution to be deterministic across all platforms. By the sound of it, it wouldn't be a problem for V to interface with C/C++ code.

We're currently using LuaJIT, but that is a temporary solution.

medvednikov Jun 10 15:38


Like the home page says, V can be called from any language that can call C.

Embedding it like Lua is not possible, because it's not an interpreted language. But I don't think there's much point, because V covers all the strong points of Lua: it's simple, small, and it supports hot code reloading, so you can tinker with your code while the program is running.
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