The V Programming Language

Simple, fast, safe language created for developing Volt, soon available for everyone.

Open source release in June 2019. Early access since April 15.
Install V from source in 0.5 seconds
wget && gcc -o v v.c

Memory usage

Apr 15 · 3 min read
proyb6 May 7 05:21
Could you give some comparison how much memory as comparing?

It it as secure as Rust and Go that can be written any applications for server side?
medvednikov May 7 18:15
V can definitely be used on the server side. This very forum is written in V.

It's definitely not as secure as Rust and Go yet, it's in alpha stage :) But this will improve quickly.
proyb6 May 8 14:16
Great to know, I'm most concern how will you plan for HTTP/2 and QUIC, my early suggestion to consider supporting Quicly and H2O HTTP (C) as they are free and incredible fast.

We share the same idea for an alternative to Discourse but I hope there is a capable testing/spec to improve our developers' experience.
medvednikov May 10 21:37
HTTP/2 and QUIC are a lot more complex than HTTP/1, so it's not a priority at the moment. If there are developers experienced in these technologies, contributions are welcome of course once everything is open-sourced next month.
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