The V Programming Language

Simple, fast, safe language created for developing Volt, soon available for everyone.

Open source release in June 2019. Early access since April 15.
Install V from source in 0.5 seconds
wget && gcc -o v v.c

How to edit, build an run a V program in VS-Code through CodeRunner

Apr 15 · 3 min read
Ivo-Balbaert May 5 12:32
Install V for example to /home/user/v_lang
Install basic support for the V Programming Language in VSCode through
Then install the CodeRunner extension.
File, Preferences, Settings:
Search for: CodeRunner: Custom Command
Set the custom command to run.

Set it to: v run $fileName
Set CodeRunner working directory to: /home/user/v_lang
Close Settings
Now CTRL+ALT+K or F1 + select “Run Custom Command” compiles and executes the source code in the editor.
Works on Linux Ubuntu.
medvednikov May 5 13:58
Thanks :)

By the way, links will be clickable soon.
zuwa Jul 4 21:48
Hello Ivo-Balbaert of Julia and Go fame. I hope your textbook on programming with V will be the first to hit market. That will be the next best thing to V 1.0 release.
Ivo-Balbaert Jul 5 17:48
Hello zuwa, thanks, I'll do my best!
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