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The forum is live

Apr 15 · 3 min read
medvednikov Apr 11 06:28
Initially I was going to set up a Discourse instance, but it turned out to be way too bloated for my liking.

This simple forum/blog software is written in V and will be open sourced after the language is.
wangyghy Apr 11 08:53
Congratulations, the forum is quietly online!
ntrel Apr 11 10:55
This is great. So I suppose pages of the forum are statically re-generated when posts are sent? (This is how the D forums work, which makes them fast).

On the main page it'd be good to have the number of replies to each thread and also the date/time of the last reply.
ntrel Apr 11 11:03
Another request: show the time of posts in the users own time zone. (At least for me in London, my post time said 3am, but it's 12pm!).

I'm not sure how to manage that with static page generation (unless you use JavaScript to display times?).
ntrel Apr 11 11:06
My posts in this thread say 7am, weird. (3am was for my team projects thread on the main page)
medvednikov Apr 11 11:35
@ntrel it uses server time (NYC). Will make it local.

This a simple traditional web app, it's not statically re-generated.

I'll add additional columns with the number of comments and last reply date.
ntrel Apr 11 12:24
Thanks. OK so V can run on the server side, generating pages when receiving a URL request.
henter Apr 12 15:06
Dk2014 May 31 00:56
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