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Simple, fast, safe language created for developing Volt, soon available for everyone.

Open source release in June 2019. Early access since April 15.
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Early access V builds

Apr 15 · 3 min read

Initially I planned to release the early access build in May, but due to the huge interest V received I decided to do it sooner.

I'm releasing the early access build today even though there are several things I planned but failed to finish before the deadline:

- Article on translating Doom and SQLite to V (it will be published on April 20)
- Improved V ui, especially for Linux (incremental improvements until the end of April)
- gg game engine functionality: loading 3D models, camera, walking, etc (April 25)

The cross platform V ui library's functionality is very limited right now, only components used by Volt are implemented: windows, buttons, textboxes, and checkboxes. On the other hand the drawing functionality is pretty sophisticated: you have access to the gx module (drawing via native toolkit's API) and gg, a high performance cross platform OpenGL based graphics library.

I migrated V ui for Linux from GTK+ to its own toolkit. Right now it doesn't have any components implemented at all, but it will catch up to Windows and macOS this week.

I've published several examples that can be built with V:

Tetris (gg for drawing, glfw for input):

GUI users manager (V ui for the interface, gx for drawing, sqlite for the database):

Multiplication table (gx for drawing):

Word counter (file IO + maps):

I'm updating V multiple times every day, so to avoid fragmentation and save time, early access builds will have autoupdates: V will check for updates on every launch. None of your data will be sent to the server.

This is pre-alpha software. Please be careful, especially with things like os.rm().

Please report all issues via GitHub, they will be quickly fixed.

If you have questions, post them on GitHub or on the forum, so that someone with the same question can find an answer.

There's no package documentation yet (it will be published soon). You can consult *.v files for function signatures.
vlad32 Apr 15 22:20
Good call, in the end it's a marathon, not a sprint.
tobyjwebb Apr 17 07:27
I'm a diehard Go fan, but this language really looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

wangyghy Apr 26 01:34
gg game engine?
medvednikov Apr 26 10:05

Right now gg only has basic drawing capabilities, but the goal is to make a small game engine, yes.
SirJosh3917 May 18 20:34
are these blog posts on schedule/track/time?
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